1How long does each session take?
NLP Coaching & Hypnosis sessions take between 60-90min. Completion Process sessions can take between 1.5 hours up to 5 hours and on occasions even longer. I don’t time my sessions – we work until we are Done ;)
2How much does the session cost?
NLP session costs €200. Hypnosis session costs the same. Completion Process session costs €300.
3What is included in the cost of the session?
Consultation before the session, the session itself, homework & tools to take and practice at home , unlimited email support before and after the session.
4What can I expect from and after the session?
In general, most clients feel happier, with more peace, clarity and focus after the session. Most people go through some very powerful breakthroughs or they get a very important answers on their why, what and how questions. In the Completion Process session you can expect releasing loads of stored negative emotions, which can often be very overwhelming but also – super liberating. Often, straight after the session, people feel exhausted and drained but super light and positive – they say it’s like lifting a heavy baggage off their shoulders or running an ultramarathon :)
5How many sessions do I need and how often do I need to have them?
As I don’t believe in diagnosis giving ( “you are going to feel: xyz….” ) and I think it actually creates clients dependency on their practitioner – I let my clients have a freedom to FEEL and choose when to contact me for their next session.
6Do I need to do anything on my own in between the sessions?
Yes. As I am known to be a tough teacher who gives a lot of homework, my clients are the nerds who do loads of work on their own in between the sessions. ;)
7How do I know which practitioner & technique & teaching is right for me?
I suggest to do your research, choose the practices and practitioners who resonate with you the most, and then talk to the practitioners face to face or online and FEEL which one is the best for you ( let your heart and not mind make that decision for you! )
8What’s the difference between the services you offer – NLP Coaching, Hypnosis and Completion Process?
While NLP is more of the conscious work , Hypnosis and Completion Process digs into our subconscious, Completion Process goes super deep to find the trauma resolution.
9How can I decide which of those services I need?
That decision is usually part of our initial consultation.
10Do you conduct services face to face or just online?
I do both. :)
11I’m a bit skeptical about online therapy - how does it actually work and can it have the same value as face to face session with the therapist?
Online therapy works the same way as when we talk to our family members or friends abroad, we can see and hear them clearly, we can even ‘feel’ them – we only can’t touch them. At the moment 99% of my clients work with me online. They love it as they talk to me in the safety and comfort of their own homes. They don’t need to drive or take public transport ( that is especially important AFTER the session when they feel sensitive and tired ). For a good quality online sessions – both sides – client and practitioner need to have a strong Internet connection, a good device quality (with the camera ), Skype or other online applications downloaded , a quiet place where both sides won’t be disturbed, a pair of headphones and – voila – online therapy session can begin!

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