Is your Marriage a Healthy Partnership or a Lifestyle Arrangement?

Is your marriage / relationship a Healthy Partnership or a Lifestyle Arrangement?

Are you single because – ‘relationships suck and it’s easier for you to be alone’?

How often do you criticise your partner?

Remember – your relationships can be source of tremendous expansion and joy – if you only ALLOW it…!

As someone who has battled through numerous painful relationships I must be brutally honest here – NO change can come if you keep blaming the other person – everything starts and finishes with OURSELVES and it takes a lot of WORK to heal and integrate all the broken aspects from our past in order for us to stop the pain circle and start enjoying healthy relationships..

Sorry to break it to you: meditating and spending time in the nature – Can’t Fix Your Relationship.
It’s only when you dive deep in that dark place, root of the problem, where you can start any healing..
Everything else is – escape – and you know it.

As I haven’t met a person yet who can successfully do that work ALONE ( and I am the first person who wants to learn, change and do Everything alone! ) and I haven’t experienced yet more powerful therapy than Completion Process, I am warmly suggesting to you to give it a try.. I am here for you whenever you feel ready.

Conquer your mountain! 🙂