NLP Coaching & Therapy

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Is NLP Coaching for you?

Here are some things to consider before you get in touch!

Have a read through, feel free to laugh and if you can identify yourself in the list below contact me today!

NLP Coaching is for you:

  • If you have one or two areas of your life you would like to improve or change
  • If you are setting goals regularly and not achieving them
  • If you are struggling to find life-work balance
  • If you need more focus, direction and motivation in specific areas of your life
  • If your commitment, enthusiasm and intention to achieve your goals are extremely high!
  • If you take 100 % responsibility for your results!

NLP Coaching is not for you:

  • If you want someone to fix your life for you and give you all the answers
  • If you believe in miracles
  • If you like complaining and feeling sorry for yourself without making any effort to change your circumstances
  • If you don’t believe it will work for you
  • If you are Lindsay Lohan

Therapeutic interventions are for you:

  • If you are stuck in your stuff, and nothing seems to work in your life
  • If you already tried everything else and nothing worked
  • If you believe all our learnings are actually unconscious and you would like to step into “ the unknown”
  • If you are not afraid of finding your truth!
  • If you believe you can only change your response to the circumstances and not the circumstances

Therapeutic interventions are not for you:

  • If you don’t believe they will work on you
  • If you expect magic
  • If you don’t actually want to change the current situation and prefer to complain about it instead
  • If you don’t take 100% responsibility for your results
  • If you think therapy is witchcraft

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