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Group Work Is Not For Everyone

When I first started facilitating group workshops, I was trying hard to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable, and they get the most out of the workshop. I took all that on my back, solely as my own responsibility and Duty.


Today I believe that’s a mission impossible if each participant of the group doesn’t take their responsibility for their own feelings and their own needs.


Before each workshop I get asked if it’s necessary to share thoughts, feelings, experiences with the group, as some people struggle with that.


Attending a Group Workshop requires taking a responsibility for being a part of that Group.



Unless workshops are nonverbal – Without Sharing and Group Contribution – there can be no group communication, no understanding, no support, no connection, no empathy, no compassion, no holding space for each other’s, no sense of belonging and no acceptance to the group.


And without that – there Is No Group.


If you are uncomfortable with the group work, please accept and honour your own needs, sensitivities and struggles and also take your own responsibility for it.


Remember we are all different and that’s OK.


The same how some people prefer to work out on their own, some prefer jogging, some playing tennis, some playing football – there are also different events and services out there for our inner work.


And if you are uncomfortable with group setting, instead of trying to change the nature of Group Work, you might be able to meet your needs in smaller groups, pair work, one to one sessions with the practitioner, or on your own.


Maybe group work simply is not for you – And that’s OK – there is nothing wrong with that or you.


Conquer your mountain!

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