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It Is OK To Take Time Off

You may have noticed I haven’t released a video last week. You may be wondering why I skipped it. Or you may have NOT… ?

To be honest, it is all totally unplanned for me too, so before weeks turn into months, I wanted to get in touch with all of you and let you know I might be away for some while taking my sabbatical.

I very much need some time out to deeply turn inwards and look at some things I had been avoiding for a while.

The reason I have decided to explain my reasons of abandoning my blog for a while isn’t for professional reasons ( as disappearing here would seem unprofessional to some ) but to provide some comfort to all of you who are experiencing something similar in your life.

Remember it is OK to take time for yourself when you feel you need it, without big explanations or justifications. You owe it to yourself – to take time to grow, learn, to – HEAL

And wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone would take a break once in a while? ?

THANK YOU for being with me all this time and for your amazing support – see you soon!

P.S If you need to reach me, best would be via email:

Conquer your mountain! 

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