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Live Your Purpose

Online therapy

Do you live your purpose?

WHY not?

I LOVE my job, even when, like this morning, I need to wake up at 5.30am because of the time difference between me and my client in New Zealand.

Why I love it?

Because I feel SO incredibly humbled to work with such a beautiful people who have suffered so much in their lives and help them heal, watch how in the session they shift through so much pain and darkness into so much peace, light, love and happiness, into a place where we smile and laugh together, into the place of their healing, in a place of the resolution.

Online therapy

The reason I share this with you isn’t to brag about me and my job but to encourage you to, if you haven’t yet, find the job which you feel so incredibly fulfilled with, the job which is just PERFECT for you.

And if you haven’t find it yet, go inside and FEEL what your calling and PURPOSE is…

And just as my morning client’s inner guidance said:

” You have so many talents.. There is so much of goodness inside. DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. “

Conquer your mountain! 🙂 

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