Peter Colaric • Angelica Horvatic

Peter Colaric

Thanks for being there for me. Just keeping me on the right path. To think you could remember something so long ago. My child self is now a part of me, and he’s teaching me how to feel. I can feel 🙂 (feel my needs, feel my emotions…I’ve been numb for years now), which is something that I didn’t think would happen . Life is so much more fun now. I don’t have to be in pain anymore. I can choose to avoid the things that hurt me altogether. BTW, a lot of changes are happening already. For one, I can’t smoke anymore. It just feels like I’m abandoning myself. I can’t be (and don’t have to be), around shitty people, because they are also a part of this painful cycle. I can find other people, different people, people that will be there for me, and that I can count on. I’m finally getting somewhere. Thank you for this gift, I can’t thank you enough.