Aga • Angelica Horvatic


I had 2 CP sessions with Angelica. I was trying to do it by myself before but I wasn’t successful as I just cannot stay with emotions. They suck me in while I don’t want them and when I do my mind does crazy things to draw attention away from them. Both sessions with Angelica lasted over 3 hours. I had huge problems feeling, I thought she would give up on me at first and it took ages to go through the process. I thought I am going nowhere but she persevered and didn’t let me to go astray. That was a very exhaustive experience, I cried rivers and had huge headache but at the end I felt so light as if huge burden was taken away from my shoulders. I think I have to go back to one memory but nonetheless I have integrated some heavy-weight issues. Thank you very much Angelica for your patience, devotion, great insight and love for people. I am very happy that our virtual paths crossed.