Holly Graham • Angelica Horvatic

Holly Graham

I have absolutely loved working with Angelica… so much that I’m not sure that words can quite express! Coaching & Therapy with her helped me through an extremely tough phase in my life and I can honestly say that the experience changed my mindset for the better.
Her intuitive way of asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way assisted me with thinking differently about my situation and helped me to make positive changes to my future and feel good about them. Every session with her was completely different – even though the topic of discussion remained the same, we were able to look at the bigger picture as well as deep dive in to the details which was important to me. She never judged or forced opinion on me – she was always 100% focused on finding the right solutions for me and what was right for me.
At the end of every session I was left feeling so positive and optimistic about my future and couldn’t wait to put what we had discussed in to practice.
I particularly enjoyed work that we did on my life values – something that I keep coming back to again and again as a point of reference in both my personal and professional life. I would like to thank Angelica for not only being a true professional but also a wonderful human being – thank you so much.