Lea • Angelica Horvatic


Dear Angelica,
As I got a chance to do a session with you I felt very frightened about expressing my feelings in front of someone for the first time. I found it crucial at this point while going through a rough period in life to have someone assist me in the Completion process.
But I say looked into your warm eyes I immediately felt encouraged and ready to face the child that was always waiting for me. I felt safe with you and could let go of the usual fear that often follows my inner work.
Your complete presence and patient guidance is exactly what I needed…Only a first step with learning how to be with myself. I wasn’t sure if it will work, if I will be able to remember anything or re-experience, but you managed to lead me into my earliest memories as a baby. I felt my emotions and the whole process flowing naturally. I feel like I’m starting to understand that child now, I am slowly but surely, starting to love it.
And every time my mind tried to escape those emotions, I felt you asked all the right questions and said the right words to gently guide me deeper into the feeling. Even though emotional neglect is something that will take time to heal, having your presence while expressing that deep sadness I carry within me, felt extremely liberating. After the process, I felt sensitive and kind of confused, knowing and feeling I only started the path of liberation and self-love. At the same time, I now feel more free than ever before.
Thank you for being there, and thank you for being a friend, I find you very inspirational and am very grateful you came into my life, certainly not by accident.
I hope you will serve not only as a healer but as a role model for people in this wounded Balkan area, and the whole world. Thank you.