Marko • Angelica Horvatic


I’ve met Angelica randomly, not knowing what she does, nor who she is. However, she did seem a very warm person, with some kind of special purity in her eyes, expressing peace with herself at first sight.
As I got to know what she does for a living, I got interested. Even though I’m usually (I’d say healthy) skeptical about such things, I was surprised that I decided to do the therapy with her. She gained my trust and I’m very thankful for that.
Being quite disconnected with my feelings and my inner child I was surprised what I have managed to expressed out loud during the therapy.
Pushing those repressed emotions out of me, made me feel kind of lighter and empowered. She has also advised me on how to work on myself in a very practical way and explained very nice and clear how to cope with our suppressed emotions as well as everyday feelings.
I’m really happy that I “bumped” into her and I’m already looking forward to some improvements in my life.
Thank you, Angelica!