S.C. • Angelica Horvatic


I started working with Angelica to resolve chronic tiredness that I felt over extended period of time, on and off for more than eight years. I want to mention that I’m a businessman with articulated stress patterns and a sporty person practicing yoga and meditation from time to time. She has mentioned that she is using Completion Process, new type of emotional trauma therapy where she guides person deep inside the root cause of problem, and that root cause can be anywhere in emotional body. We started a session where I was guided by Angelica into a meditation stage, bringing back my emotional memories. During the treatment I have waken up my inner child and unresolved emotions, which were, with Angelica’s guidance lead to acceptance of my emotional body. After the treatment that lasted for 1,5 hours, I felt reborn! My body has felt easier after the treatment, I was feeling very tired which has lead to easy falling a sleep that night, after the treatment. Next morning I woke up fresh and energized after many years and most important of all, I’m still waking up fresh with more and more energy, which proves Angelica’s words that the treatment process was just initiated with the treatment and that the healing process of the emotional body will happen over an extended time period. I cannot find enough words to recommend Angelica’s Emotional Trauma treatment, Completion Process, as in one session she is capable to guide to a problem resolution and get not only quick but permanent fix.