Tia • Angelica Horvatic


Three weeks ago, I went through one of the toughest times in my life by far. I was having suicidal thoughts one morning, and the trigger was my job which I hate, and another personal thing that I have been facing for the past 3 years of my life. It was a crazy week of feeling of powerlessness, of fear and extreme anxiety and depression. I shallowly got through those days with the help of my family, and my boyfriend who were there when I needed them. However, when left alone, those feelings would come up again, just a deep fear and anxiety.
And so, one morning when I woke up, the thoughts of doing the Completion Process came to my mind. I went on to Teal’s website and found the practitioners but when I saw Angelica’s profile, I was immediately drawn to her, and I have no explanation why. Just a feeling.

So I contacted her, and we agreed to do a Skype session before proceeding to the process itself. It was my first time doing some sort of transaction with someone from outside my country, and I felt nervous. When she appeared on my screen and started talking, I thought that she was a nice and lovely lady. We talked for a bit, what made me decide to do this process and why her (which I have mentioned above). All was well with our conversation, I started feeling comfortable talking to her, and when I asked her about the payment process, I could not help but be honest about my fear of “what if my money will be taken away since this is not a face to face session”. She assured me that she is not after the money, and it is her mission to help people like me.

So for those of you who are feeling skeptical, it’s okay to feel that way, and I can assure you also that it is indeed Angelica’s mission to help us. So I sent her the payment 24 hours before we did our session.

The online session was scheduled on a Thursday morning. It was very intense. We started by going back to the trigger the past week when I was having suicidal thoughts…and connected the dots all the way back to my childhood self. It was specifically my 5 year old self that we worked on. There was a lot of re-experiencing, and heavy tears of course…. A lot of physical sensations that became super sensitive too.

If I had done this process alone for the first time, I would have not gone deeper than with Angelica. I probably would have distracted myself in the middle of it or when the pain becomes too unbearable. But with Angelica, she was such a caring guide, and she made me feel safe all the time. She is very supportive and loving, and just so wonderful.

After our session (lasted 3 hours), I felt very sensitive throughout the day, which she said was normal. The very important thing that she left me with is to follow my heart. Decide with my heart when faced with little or big decisions. Which is what I have been practicing and it feels really good to do so.

The following day, I felt my heart open… and as the days go by, I started feeling more free.

I followed my gut when deciding my practitioner, and again this is the proof that the gut is always better with decisions. J

I am so very much thankful that I chose her to be my guide on doing the Completion Process. We are still communicating with each other, and I love that about her. I love the support and love that she gives to her clients. She truly is amazing.