Wendy Harris • Angelica Horvatic

Wendy Harris

What can I say? Working with Angelica was a true blessing for me.

She managed to break down my resistance – no easy task! and facilitated me in accessing the deeply held parts of me that had yet to be uncovered.
Prior to our session I had experienced various other healing processes but none as lazer focused and direct as the Completion Process.One of the main aspects I loved about Angelica is her capacity to be fully present and her ability to be able to hold space no matter what arises, with her direct yet compassionate approach I felt safe enough to go in and access aspects of myself that were being held deeply within awaiting integration, I found the experiece to be deep and powerful.
I would recommend Angelica and the completion process to anyone who needs to get to the core to heal, she is truly an amazing and talented woman!
Many many thanks Angelica, to work with you and the process has been life changing in the best possible way 🙂