FAQ • Angelica Horvatic


1How long does each session take?
There is no time structure in a session as it doesn't work in this type of work - we can't time our emotions - my session normally lasts 2-3 hours, and on occasions even longer. I don’t time my sessions, we work until we are - Done.
2How much does the session cost?
The costs is €295 per session which takes around 2-4hours, on occasions longer. Packet of 6 sessions costs €1500 Packet of 12 sessions costs €3000
3What is included in the cost of the session?
Except several hours of emotional trauma integration in each session, the payment for each session also includes my unlimited email support between the sessions and ( LOADS OF ) homework and tools to take and practice at home - before and after each session. I am staying in touch with all my clients as long as they need me. Homework in between each session is as important ( if not even More important ) as our sessions. I compare this often to 'losing weight' - even if every day we exercise for even couple of hours but continue to eat junk food ( we don't do all our 'homework' between gym sessions ) we won't see much of results or they going to come very slowly.
4What can I expect from and after the session?
In general, most clients feel happier, with more peace, clarity and focus after their sessions. Most people go through some very powerful breakthroughs or they get a very important answers on their why, what and how questions. In the Completion Process session you can expect releasing loads of stored negative emotions, which can often be very overwhelming but also – super liberating. Often, straight after the session, people feel exhausted and drained but super light and positive – they say it’s like lifting a heavy baggage off their shoulders or running an ultra marathon!
5How many sessions do I need and how often do I need to have them?
As this type of work goes very deep - to the actual root cause of our trauma, ( each session takes couple of hours of intense work ), my clients work with me 2-3 times per month, allowing time between sessions for emotional, physical and mental integration needed. So this is not usual 45-60min session, 1-2 times a week thing. I often compare healing work with going to the gym. Can one get a six pack in one gym session? Of course not. People I work with have a mature and committed approach to a regular and ongoing hard work with me and on their own. It's hard to believe but many people who have been struggling for 20, 30, 40, 50+ years expect to feel better and heal in a few days & weeks & months. Hence why I am advising to start working with me only when one is ready for a serious investment of their time, energy and money for the therapy, for about a year. And of course, if people feel better, happier, healthier, healed before a year, that's a bonus. Most of my clients who work with me feel better within 6-12months. Actually, so far no one who I have regularly and continuously worked with, has stayed in therapy for more than one year.
6Do I need to do anything on my own in between the sessions?
Yes. As I am known to be a tough teacher who gives A LOT! of homework, my clients are the nerds who do loads of work on their own in between the sessions. ;) Homework in between each session is as important ( if not even More important ) as our sessions. I compare this often to 'losing weight' - even if every day we exercise for even couple of hours but continue to eat junk food ( we don't do all our 'homework' between gym sessions ) we won't see much of results or they going to come very slowly.
7How do I know which practitioner & technique & teaching is right for me?
As this is work with peoples' emotions&feelings where the sync between practitioner and the client is crucial, I recommend to follow your HEART or your GUT feel when choosing practitioner&technique. Most of our clients brag about us not because we are the best but because we are the best for THEM in that moment. I myself for example need love, care and tenderness but also a strong personality, someone who I can TRUST will have a STRENGTH and be able to guide me, and I am personally very fussy when it comes to choosing practitioner of any technique because of it. And because most people take this job mostly because of their own traumas and wounds, I find also it's often a challenge to find someone who isn't too soft or wooshy washy or on another side, not too detached. I suggest to do your research, choose the practices and practitioners who resonate with you THE MOST, and then talk to the practitioners face to face or online and FEEL which one is the best for you. Let your heart and not mind make that decision for you!
8Why should I choose trauma recovery practitioner and not a general therapist?
Trained and licensed psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists with many years of practice who worked with me said Completion Process session is worth more than years spent in therapy, where their clients are able to only TALK about their traumas but don't dive INTO them. You can read one of my psychologist client's reflection on our work on my PRAISE page here ( her name is Ditza ).
9Do you offer a free consultation and how does it work?
Yes :) I normally have 15 min free online chat with everyone before their first session - to see if we click and can work together, to gather more info about the issue(s) they are struggling with and answer on their questions.
10Do you conduct services face to face or just online?
I do both. :)
11I’m a bit skeptical about Online therapy - how does it actually work and can it have the same value as face to face session with the therapist?
Online therapy works the same way as when we talk to our family members or friends abroad, we can see and hear them clearly, we can even ‘feel’ them – we only can’t touch them ( physical touch during the session can even cause harm as it can create a strong blockage and prevent the trauma of release and integration ) At the moment 99% of my clients work with me online, in the safety and comfort of their own homes, sofa or bed :) Each session is super powerful, deep, heavy and goes inside of our deepest dark and it's very emotionally and physically draining. It feels emotionally as exhausting as ( after ) running a marathon or for some even - an ironman :) So most people prefer to do it in the safety and comfort their own home / sofa / bed, as they feel super sensitive, vulnerable, physically and emotionally exhausted afterwards and are not able to drive or commute by public transport after their trauma integrations. Also most people don't like or are not capable of engaging with others afterwards, they just want to relax in calm, safe place - their home and reflect on their own the integration they just made. My clients keep their eyes shut throughout the process so they can only follow my voice which is guiding them ( as this isn't face to face 'talking about trauma' - it is diving deeply into it all ) Clients just need to hear my voice guiding them through the steps of Completion Process, to feel safe and supported, they are doing all the hard work themselves. It's somewhat like a baby delivery, I am there to guide but cannot push the baby out - it is always the client who does all the hard work! In the case Internet or devices fails us, before each session I make sure we have all the needed back ups. The session is designed to be stopped and interrupted at Any time, so interruptions never impact the quality of the trauma integration itself. As this is work with peoples' emotions&feelings where the sync between practitioner and the client is crucial, I recommend you to follow your heart when choosing practitioner regardless of where they are based. Just go through their site, look through their pics, read about them and FEEL who is the person for you! For a good quality online session – both sides – client and practitioner need to have a strong Internet connection, a good device quality ( with the camera ), Skype or other online applications downloaded, a quiet place where both sides won’t be disturbed, a pair of headphones and – voila – online therapy session can begin! :)
12What's the most important to know before we start working together?
My "conditions" are to work with people who READY to heal, who I click with - click for both sides which is equally STRONG - where person knows and feels they need and want to work with me as it feels the right thing for them - and I feel it / them too :) As this is very much a "FEEL work" where it is mostly ALL about feeling - everything, from bodily sensations, feelings to emotions ( away from thinking, analysing and talking ), I can strongly suggest and recommend to work Only with the practitioner for who you FEEL the most it's the right person for you. That's actually already a great practice for this 'feel work', an overture for the session itself :)
13What is Completion Process?
Completion Process ( CP ) is a very deep subconscious process of healing an emotional trauma, which step by step, combines elements of regression therapy, inner child work and shadow work. It is an alternative psychotherapy tool which goes to the root cause of our problem / issue / challenge / trigger / physical, mental or emotional condition / illness / negative emotion / our wound / trauma.
14Where can I read about your clients' experiences?
Check my PRAISE page here :)

For more questions contact me here.