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Middle Life Crisis

I feel I might have skipped my middle life crisis probably all thanks to my super rebellious nature in my 20’s: Leaving home, leaving my home town and soon after […]

Reaching Connection Through Attunement

To be able to perceive other people and to feel, see, hear, understand and communicate with them, you need to attune to them. You need to tune in to them […]

Stop Saying: I Stay For The Kids

Few people talk about the damage that comes from growing up with parents who stayed together and cannot stand each other. Few people talk about the damage that comes from […]

Angelica Horvatic

Being Highly Sensitive To Negative Feedback

Everything feels like an attack and you are exhausted. Many of us believe that Being Imperfect or Making Mistakes is Shameful. This comes from growing up in a home with […]

Be Careful Not To Lose Your Humanity

Be careful not to lose Empathy for those with whom you disagree. Be careful not to Dehumanize others. Doing so dehumanizes You. Be careful not to say things Online that […]

Traume, Odnosi i Kompatibilnost

Nakon dugo godina ‘skrivanja’ iza pisanja i prevođenja tekstova za divan ATMA portal, evo me konačno opet malo i ispred kamere, nadam se da ćete nešto lijepo i korisno čuti: […]

Reflections After our Weekend Workshop

Relationships and Trauma – Couples&Singles Weekend Intensive is behind us. I deeply respect and appreciate every group of beautiful people I’ve had the opportunity to work with so far.  But […]

I Am Offended

There comes the point in human life when we got too admit to ourselves we are too old to be having child-like reactions like yelling, shouting, screaming, slamming doors, stomping, […]

When Therapist Works More Than a Client

When you help people and that’s a part of your mission, the most challenging question is:  How much can you help and how much does a person, a couple, a […]

Therapy Just Makes Me Feel Worse

Your Decisions and Actions Must Align with the New Awareness that you gain or you will be even more out of alignment than you were before.  It is easy to […]

Angelica Horvatic

Danger of Parallel Monologues in Communication

Since arriving back to my homeland two years ago, I still struggle engaging into real and meaningful conversations.  To my utter shock and horror, most people over here communicate in ( […]

Music is The Therapy and The Medicine

I got goose bumps…. I cried. I sang my heart out. I felt fucking angry! I smiled. I felt weak. I felt ON The TOP of The WORLD…!!!! I jumped […]

Leaving 2022 ( and some years before… )

“Last year, when I first met you, you only just arrived from Australia, you were single and lived in rented apartment. A year later, you live in your dream house […]

Truth vs Illusion

” As people, we have a VERY complicated relationship with the truth.  Very few of us actually WANT it, no matter what we might say to the contrary. Very few […]

Keys of My House

I am pinching myself in disbelief, holding these two keys in my hand.  My life long dream has come true. I have built a house. I have my HOME. When […]

Forgiveness by Jeff Brown

FORGIVENESS is not a concept. It’s a process. And, if you choose not to forgive at the end of that process, it doesn’t mean that you are unhealed. It doesn’t […]

Childhood trauma and celebrities

The world is currently following daily live entertainment from the US court between two very traumatised adult-child celebrities who clearly still very much suffer from deep unhealed childhood trauma. It’s […]

Thank You

I was just complaining how fed up I am with the winter and the cold, when this gorgeously soft and fluffy polar bear toy arrived to my doors. A thank […]

Physical Exercise is The Medicine

It’s been about 7 years since I’ve last hit the gym. Gyms have never been my favourite places, even when I was working there as a Personal Trainer over a […]

Orphan’s Message On Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. A day which, for some of us, is another painful reminder of a deep and special connection that no one else can have with us but […]

Healing Alone Doesn’t Work

  “We are not capable of healing in isolation. We need other people. We are hurt in relationships and we heal in relationships.   Our brain and nervous system are […]

Relationships and Resistance

In one of my couple counselling sessions yesterday one of the partners never showed up.   Hours later, I received an apology from the partner who didn’t show up with […]

Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

We can DO things with our partners, we can go, travel, see places together, we can chit chat daily about many things, we can be affectionate, have sex, even feel […]

How To Beat Christmas Loneliness

This year more than any year before, even more people will sadly spend Christmas alone.   But long before dreaded 2020, we’ve had a global epidemic happening in most of […]

Emotional Incest

In one of my sessions today I had a single mum who thought having her 9 years old son next to her in the session is OK as ‘they don’t […]

Boundaries – Say NO When You Mean It

I DON’T KNOW.   Do you often hear yourself saying: “I don’t know”? “I can’t tell”? “I am unsure how I am feeling about xyz”? “I am confused”?     […]


Today is apparently ‘Are you OK? day’.   It makes me so sad that humans need to have a day to ask one another if they are OK. What has […]

Choose Love, Not Fear

A week ago I have decided to go on a four day hiking&camping trip on my own.   The first thing my husband said was: “Alone?” “Are you sure?” “I […]

What’s Your Morning Ritual?

    Moving to my new home in Perth, I recently discovered I haven’t had a ‘stable and permanent’ home for almost four years.   It’s been a beautiful, super […]


    “I KNOW.”   How many times have you said this, or heard others repeating?   Yes, I know. I know. I know… I KNOW!   I have said […]

What Do You Feel You Deserve?

If years ago I was told I would be working online with the clients worldwide, and those people would receive help and guidance whilst lying down on their sofas and […]

Angelica’s COVID-19 Survival Tool Kit

ANGELICA’S COVID-19 SURVIVAL TOOL KIT PHYSICAL   Outdoor Exercise ( beach, park, forrest, mountain, street etc. ):   Running Jogging ( Brisk ) Walking Hill walking Swimming Biking Rollerblading Skateboarding […]

Paradigm Shift

It’s my birthday today. In this coronavirus worldwide madness, my ‘special day’ doesn’t mean much, even to me.   I feel blessed to be alive and well.   Although just […]

Is Verbal Abuse Ever OK?

My husband and me have recently agreed we won’t shout, raise our voices at each other nor use any profanity in our marriage.   We have made a decision to […]

Being An Immigrant

This sculpture resonates deeply with me:     It’s been 20 years for me living abroad.   These two decades were filled with fun and adventures, developing new skills, learning […]

Happy New Year

My dearest soul family,   At the end of another year, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for having you in my life.   THANK YOU so much […]

It’s Easy For You

My life used to be full of struggle, loss, pain and loneliness. Most nights in my childhood I have fallen asleep in tears.   I suffered enormously with anxiety, social […]

No One Cares About You

Talking with my husband about social anxiety, it dawned on me – if more people in this world would more often hear these three words: No One Cares – there […]

Feeling Free Under the Veil

I just remembered how whilst living in the Middle East, I liked the occasional experience of wearing a local women’s wear.     While at first it felt weird being […]

Surviving A Car Crush

Last weekend I have experienced something very close to a near death experience.   My husband and I survived 110 km/h car crash on the highway and both walked away […]

Death, Loss And Grieving

A powerful session with a client whose mother passed away brought loads of stuff about death and grieving for me.   Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I […]

Make A Use Of Your Physical Body

It’s getting cold, windy and rainy in our wintery Southern Hemisphere so this morning I opted to work out at home with my good old buddy TRX💪     Back […]

Settling In A New Place

Back home in Australia.     Still feels surreal when I hear myself saying it.   This magical far away continent is my home now.   For anyone who is […]

Is Being Married A Sign Of Success?

Why is getting married seen as a sign of our Success?     Since a public announcement of my wedding, I have received tons of beautiful loving congratulations messages.   […]


I was shocked on my trip to Europe to find out I was, for last few months, starved for a physical interaction with my loved ones.   Moving all the […]

Conscious Relationships by Sean Christopher

We are approaching a period of time when relationships are ready to go through a major redesign. The current paradigm isn’t working. People are unsatisfied in love; people don’t know […]


Helping people around the world with their most important life investments for almost two decades now I kept hearing how that takes too much money and / or time.   […]

No One And Nothing Can Help Me

Too often, too many people get disappointed and even depressed, trying out different therapy, healing, counselling, coaching and other healing tools and modalities but feeling like ‘Nothing ever works’ for […]

How ‘Follow Your Joy’ ALWAYS Works

Reading a blog post this morning about how following your joy doesn’t always work, inspired me to write my own one – how it DOES work. Love when I get […]

Shadow Work Or Vipassana Meditation?

I was inspired to write this post after watching a short video of a young man who shared his experience of 10 days of vipassana meditation. Don’t get me wrong, […]

Anger, Women, and Love

“…..I felt a strong sensation in my belly connected with shame. I had made the expression of volatile & wild emotions so unacceptable that I was struggling with my own […]

‘I Can’t Remember My Childhood’

  For everyone who is experiencing pain in their everyday life and cannot remember their childhood – please know you Don’t need to Consciously Remember anything in order to HEAL and […]

The Beauty Of Perseverance

I’ve just had AN AMAZING lesson from a client of mine on PERSEVERANCE.   Just to be able to get in touch with me and successfully go through our online […]

Dare To Be HUMAN

Dare to be Brave. Dare to be Authentic. Dare to Feel, Embrace and Release All of your Emotions. Dare to be HUMAN.

You Are An Abundance

I had an amazing consultation session with a beautiful man in a need of emotional healing who can’t afford my fees. We have both felt a strong click – we […]

GoodBye 2017 and – THANK YOU!

Exactly two years ago today I was violently sick. I have spent Christmas and New Year at home in my bed, feeling sorry for myself. That was also a period […]

What’s Your Experience of Life?

  Having a wisdom moment this morning 🤓: Life is a combo of CHOICES we make on our journey, COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE to follow our gut no matter what, and […]

What is Shadow Work?

“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are. “( Robin Williams )     When, […]

What is Trauma and How Can We Heal It?

In Wikipedia we can read: “ In psychology, TRAUMA is a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event. “   Trauma is […]

What’s Your Biggest Gift?

It took me 30+ years to be able to understand this quote and LIVE it. For many years I have struggled with the low self-esteem, weight gain, extreme physical and […]

Why Are You Keeping Yourself Small?

A breakfast conversation this morning with one of the friends I met in the retreat I am staying at, made me really sad. And angry. This beautiful woman who is […]

Inner Child Work

                    As I often get asked what inner child work is, how it works and what are the benefits, I decided […]

Depression: You Are NOT Alone

If you are struggling with DEPRESSION, feelings of DESPAIR to the point of considering SUICIDE or you are struggling to resolve ANY other painful emotional cycle, this is a MUST WATCH: Topic I have […]

Spiritual Bullshit

Living at the spiritual retreat center is, to say the least, a very interesting spiritual experience. :p Talking to a friend here last night we have both noticed how little […]

Letter To My 18 Years Old Self

What would my 18 years old self say seeing me today, I often wonder 😀 A few weeks ago I went to my 20 years high school reunion. TWENTY YEARS!? […]

Get Out Of the War Zone First

I might have ‘mentioned’ this already but after my last session with the client, I feel a need to say it again: Healing yourself – when you are in the […]

You are NOT “Crazy”

I’m SO glad to see more and more people seeking help with their “mental health”. The bullies ( those “without a problem” ) are NOT so cool anymore as we’re […]

GoodBye 2016 – and THANK YOU!

2016. has, by far, been the most Interesting Year for me in last 18 years. A year of beautiful big highs and deep dark lows, with loads of severe thunderstorms […]

Life is a One Big Sabbatical

After 2.5 months of feeling right at home on Pashman, tomorrow morning I will be waving goodbye to this gorgeous island, all the glorious nature and its beautiful people… Don’t […]

Is The Silence a Relationship Killer?

While SILENCE can be golden, it is also – a Real Relationship KILLER. Very often silence leads to misunderstandings, resentment, despair, depression… Verbal communication is EXTREMELY important in our daily […]

THANK YOU letter to MEN

In just a few short months my work with Completion Process ( emotional trauma healing process ) has brought to me many male clients. At least 60% of my private […]

Understanding The Completion Process

What is Completion Process? I hope you can find your answer in this post! 🙂 It’s so beautiful to wake up and read this ‘short’ feedback on the work I […]

I Say YES!!! To An Open Heart

How amazing is to finally – FEEL – ” back home “, where there is a gorgeous blue sky with all the pretty colours and clouds, and most beautiful greenery, […]

Trust Your Heart

This post is for all my UAE friends who feel stuck in golden prison there and are afraid to leave – to hopefully give them strength, power and encouragement – […]

What Do You Need Now?

When did you last ask yourself : ‘What do I need? What in this moment I need the most?’ When did you last let yourself and your loved ones – […]

Completing The Puzzle….

After too many weeks on my sabbatical journey around the world, my little soul is finally at home catching up on some well needed rest. It’s time for some writing […]

Our human emotional healing is a continuous life long process.

A proper deep healing or our core wounds can truly start only when we are able to feel deep inside of ourselves, when we can allow another person to help us to discover, see, hear and feel all the suppressed and denied aspects of ourselves, when we can allow our conscious and subconscious beliefs to be challenged

One of the main causes of our emotional trauma isn’t only what happened to us when we were very little and very helpless, but also the fact we have repeatedly suffered alone, without anyone’s help, support, recognition, trust and love.