Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Learning how to show love, express emotions, and understand someone else is An Adult Responsibility.

Many people grew up hearing someone loves them

but doesn’t know how to show it.

This is usually a sign that person is avoidant or shut down.

When we are told that someone loves us and doesn’t know how to show it, we Learn to Accept The Bare Minimum.

That if someone struggles with emotional expression, we just need to accept it.

A more accurate statement would be:

“They struggle with the skills needed to connect on a deeper level with another person.”

When someone struggles with connection in relationships, it’s their responsibility to understand why.

To learn how their past has impacted them and how they can practice the skills that allow people in their life to feel: Safe, Loved and Connected.

In Healthy Relationships You Know You Are Loved.

You feel safe.

And you can see that the person is taking active steps outside of their conditioning to show you this reality.

Everyone has the ability to Evolve.

Everyone has the ability to learn new ways to relate.

Everyone has the ability to have uncomfortable conversations.

That’s the Gift of Being Human.

Autor: Nicole LePera