Angelica keeps it very simple but the work she does is deep and long lasting. Her authenticity opens the space for you to be your true self and to heal what you need to heal. I have witnessed her do weekend workshop with so much love and patience, presence and deep care about the group and every individual. I've gain so much in such a short period of time, it was a beautiful and deep rediscovery process. Reconnection with the inner child and connection with others we all need and Angelica is your angel on the road, guiding you by your hand, knowing perfectly when to stop, when to push, when to let go. You can be assure you are safe in her hands. Angelica is loving, adventurous, open and driven to help as much people as possible release their traumas and heavy weight emotions that we are all carrying around. People like her are changing the world for the better and they can help you be a better listener of your soul


Angelica’s workshops are tailored for groups of 10 – 30 people. While some workshops are designed as a daily or weekend event, some are organized for the whole week or even longer as a retreat.
Regardless of the workshops’ length, attendees are in for a total life TRANSFORMATION – through deep, intense, mindful, and conscious work.

The workshops are filled with light bulb moments, transformational ideas, loads of learning and fun, group interactions, shadow work, inner child work exercises, somatic movement exercises, regression therapy, eye gazing exercises, guided meditations, and Completion Process practice.

Angelica is famous for giving Loads of homework as she believes TRUE TRANSFORMATION comes with – Practice ( for listening/watching there is always YouTube ) so her workshops are Only for Those who are Ready for some – hard work.