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Surviving A Car Crush

Last weekend I have experienced something very close to a near death experience.


My husband and I survived 110 km/h car crash on the highway and both walked away without a scratch. Police and everyone else said we were super lucky because we could have been killed.



I firmly believe these kind of things don’t take place just so we could go on living.


I feel this has happened as a warning. We were given a second chance, to embrace this beautiful miracle called life.


Being alive and healthy is something we human beings often take for granted.


While I used to think of myself as the type of person who is positive, grateful and appreciative, our car accident made me aware how negative I can be.


How too often I don’t enjoy things, people, places, experiences.
How much I look for the flaws in myself and others.
How often I complain and talk about negative experiences.
How I hold grudges.
How much I focus on something I don’t have.
How hard, bitter, envious, righteous and ungrateful I can be.
How I don’t live enough in the here and now, being too occupied with planning the future.


I feel that over the weekend I was reminded to do my homework on increasing my sense of appreciation and gratitude through daily practices.


And those daily practices all start with one question:




I am sending peace and blessings to everyone.


I am so very grateful for your regular presence here, for your following, reading, commenting, liking and sharing my posts, and for all your amazing support throughout the years.


Conquer your mountain!

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