Feeling Free Under the Veil • Angelica Horvatic

Feeling Free Under the Veil

I just remembered how whilst living in the Middle East, I liked the occasional experience of wearing a local women’s wear.



While at first it felt weird being almost invisible, walking around as a covered woman also felt super liberating.


I felt I can be any woman. And any woman can be me.


I felt an amazingly freeing loss of identity attached to the clothes I wear, my body weight, shape of my body, my hair style, and so on…


I felt free from attachments of all sort.


I felt ‘the same’ and no different to others.


I felt we are all One, we are all worth the same, we all are beautiful.


I felt it is our character, our heart and our soul which matter the most.


And it made me realise how much we pay attention to our physical appearance.


How much we judge, assess and compare ourselves with others.


How much are we starved for an external validation, acceptance and approval.


How much our value, our self worth, our self-confidence, our self-esteem depend on how we are perceived by others.


How much we suffer, especially under influence of mass media and social networks nowadays.
Working with younger generation clients who struggle so much because of this, breaks my heart.


What can we do to change this?


Conquer your mountain!

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