Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

There comes the point in human life when we got too admit to ourselves we are too old to be having child-like reactions like yelling, shouting, screaming, slamming doors, stomping, silent treatment, sulking, leaving conversations and relationships, etc. – when we hear The Uncomfortable Truth About Ourselves – from our loved ones.

Too often shame runs so deep that most people don’t want to look within, as that would mean something is wrong with them. 

And then the focus goes on HOW things about them were said – instead of WHAT has been said. 

So the others get blamed for the way they expressed themselves, for the words they used, the tone of voice they used, for the way they looked at them, for their negative energy, etc. instead of WHAT THEY SAID.

Helpful mantra:

I am too old to get offended.

Helpful question:

If, when I hear the uncomfortable truth about myself, I don’t immediately get offended – WHAT WOULD I NEED TO DO – with the information I just received about myself?

Free Your Shadow. Live Your Truth.