Keys of My House

I am pinching myself in disbelief, holding these two keys in my hand.  My life long dream has come true. I have built a house. I have my HOME. When I look back, I see a skinny little girl who has spent her early childhood in orphanage and foster care.  A homeless, powerless, scared, helpless, […]

Forgiveness by Jeff Brown

FORGIVENESS is not a concept. It’s a process. And, if you choose not to forgive at the end of that process, it doesn’t mean that you are unhealed. It doesn’t mean that you are a lesser human. It doesn’t mean you are not spiritual or evolved. It doesn’t mean you will come back in the […]

Childhood trauma and celebrities

The world is currently following daily live entertainment from the US court between two very traumatised adult-child celebrities who clearly still very much suffer from deep unhealed childhood trauma. It’s sad to be reminded that we live in the world where these celebrities are at the top of our broken society.  They are our heroes, […]

Thank You

I was just complaining how fed up I am with the winter and the cold, when this gorgeously soft and fluffy polar bear toy arrived to my doors. A thank you gift from Switzerland, from my dear client.  I am so blessed with the people I work with – and not just because of the […]

Physical Exercise is The Medicine

It’s been about 7 years since I’ve last hit the gym. Gyms have never been my favourite places, even when I was working there as a Personal Trainer over a decade ago. I have always preferred outdoor exercise in a beautiful nature, breathing a fresh air. It’s interesting how our priorities, interests and motivation can […]