Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

As much as I love my job, there are some days in my work when I wish I would flip burgers for living, instead of confronting people with their ego, day after day, year after year….

I think in that job I would probably get to hear more: “Thank you, I absolutely loved it!”πŸ™πŸ˜‚

Funny thing is that over the last decade shadow work became super ‘popular’ among “the spiritual” crowd.

Most people in those circles are absolutely convinced they are open and ready for it.

Until that first shadow work moment…………

When the shadow work really kicks in, those same people act anything but “spiritual”, grateful, open, receptive, loving, soft, gentle, conscious, aware, observing, just noticing and accepting their shadows…………..

In my private and group sessions that is the moment when ‘shit really hits the fan’ so to speak.

It’s ShowTime – a huge reality check of where the person really is and where they deceive themselves to be.

Most people who enthusiastically come to me to do the shadow work, in reality don’t like one little bit when they are shown something about themselves they don’t actually want to see and become aware of.

Shadow work in action for most people feels like a very sudden, super hard core insult to their Self-concept.

And who is the first one to blame and turn against in those moments?

That an amazing shadow work practitioner who they turned to for a help to reflect their shadows to them.

One minute celebrated as a hero, next minute executed as their worse enemy.

This job certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially not for those “nice” people who are afraid of offending anyone, social chameleons, people pleasing types.

If my job has helped me to become aware of, and to heal, integrate and strengthen something in me over the last two decades, that would certainly be overcoming my need to be liked.

And instead to work on liking and loving me.

As Byron Katie said it nicely: “It’s not your job to like me–it’s mine.”

By loosening the grip of my attachment to be liked, all these years, I was able to focus on what’s the most important, on my life mission and purpose, on the message I came here to carry.

And although only 2 out of 10 people who come to me to find, heal and integrate their shadows, are really ready for it, and so few people truly understand I work for them and not against them – I am slowly learning to be patient and to accept that is the reality of Our Human Nature.

There would be no conflicts.

There would be no wars.

There would be no need to do shadow work.

If facing our human ego is easy.