Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

While SILENCE can be golden, it is also – a Real Relationship KILLER.

Very often silence leads to misunderstandings, resentment, despair, depression…

Verbal communication is EXTREMELY important in our daily connection and interaction with the others.

With the words we can gain so much clarity, understanding, forgiveness… We can emotionally connect one to another, we can grow and learn together…

Unless we are extra sensory – words are The ONLY Tools available to us to communicate & resolve our issues.

If you are a ‘feeler’, an artist, a yogie or – you just ‘don’t talk much’ – PLEASE Remember not everyone around you can – know or FEEL what you want or don’t want, what you need or don’t need, what you like or dislike – unless you SAY it.

Sometimes or actually – very often – your loved ones need you to -TELL them.

Let’s try and Practice our verbal communication and notice – how our marriages, partnerships, friendships and every other relationship around us – FLOURISH

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone 🙂

Conquer your mountain!