What Do You Feel You Deserve? • Angelica Horvatic

What Do You Feel You Deserve?

If years ago I was told I would be working online with the clients worldwide, and those people would receive help and guidance whilst lying down on their sofas and beds, sitting in their offices, cars, in the nature, etc., I wouldn’t have believed it.



As the only ‘normal’ way at the time was to go and see a therapist, a coach or a counselor in person.


Even less believable for me was this ‘crazy idea’ I myself would actually be able to earn money from the comfort and safety of my own home / sofa / bed, without spending endless hours of my life battling the traffic in public transport or driving myself to and from my clients.


Why was it so hard for me to believe this?


Because I grew up on the beliefs that life is hard, money isn’t growing on the trees, and only if I work hard I might deserve a crumb of happiness.


Thankfully, throughout my childhood and my young adulthood, my conscious mind has refused to buy into it and I was determined to prove adults in my life wrong.


Life IS easy.


Earning money IS easy.


I AM capable and deserving of having money.


I CAN have it all.


Abundance is infinite and it’s everywhere.


What are your beliefs about the way you can earn money?


What do you believe about abundance?


What do you believe about yourself?


What do you feel you deserve?


What’s ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ in your world?


What are your dreams?


What or who are you still allowing to stop you in achieving your dreams?


Conquer your mountain!

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