Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Why is getting married seen as a sign of our Success?



Since a public announcement of my wedding, I have received tons of beautiful loving congratulations messages.


In some I got told my marriage is giving so much hope and inspiration to my single friends and acquaintances.


I found that interesting.
And a bit sad.
And also a bit scary.


All these years I haven’t envied most married couples who did ‘the right thing’ as, to me, most of them seemed empty, unhappy, stressed and angry.


Most of my married friends and clients I spoke to didn’t feel loved and couldn’t communicate with their partners.


Sex was something they were dreaming of, mainly, with someone outside of their marriage.


Most have settled because that’s what one does in our 20’s, 30’s or god forbid 40’s.


“If you are normal and successful you get married and have children.”


I have personally never looked at myself nor I felt as a failure because I wasn’t married.


At times I would dream of being in a loving, nurturing, stable and committed long term partnership where we would grow and learn together.


But in the ‘meantime’ I was truly enjoying my life, meeting new people, nurturing my old friendships and building new ones in past 20 years.


I have learned several new languages.


I sang, danced and attempted to play a few musical instruments.


I did some writing and translating.


I have learned about yoga and meditation.


I have lived in a desert, mountains, near the seas and the oceans, and have enjoyed most sports and outdoor adventures available in those environments with my beautiful friends of all the colours, races, religions, languages, ages and social status.


I have successfully competed in marathons, mountain bike races, dragon boat races, triathlons, ultra and adventure races ( and most probably a few other I can’t remember right now 😆 ).


I have also failed at successfully completing law university and another course I undertook years later.


There were a few races I didn’t finish.


I didn’t get far in learning Arabic.
I still haven’t finished a book I have been writing for over a decade.
I have many failed relationships behind me.


Due to my unhealed wounds, my pride, stubbornness, anger outbursts, judgments and harshness, I have argued a lot and have pushed away many people in my life.


I have been fat, jobless, broke, homeless, sick, cold, sleepless, ashamed, scared, angry, harsh, heart broken, anxious, stressed, sad, lonely and depressed.
I have also been fit, strong, abundant, lucky, joyous, excited, happy, grateful, peaceful, calm, loved, supported, blessed, wonderful, blissful, in love, proud, motivated, inspired, energised, soft and beautiful.


Over last two decades I have been studying and learning about law, our physical body, sports, fitness, nutrition, about our mind and our mental health, our emotions and our past traumas.


Whilst living in seven different countries and traveling to over fifty countries around the world, I have been learning, adapting, accepting and embracing new cultures and way of living.


But most importantly in all this time – I was learning, accepting and embracing – Me.


I was learning about my positive aspects and even more about my shadow side.


I was learning about my wants, needs and desires.


I was learning how to communicate better and how to connect with myself and all my uncomfortable feelings and emotions.


I was learning how to be more loving and accepting of myself and others.


And whilst I am still Very Much learning all that in my marriage 😉 I want to tell all of you single people out there – No One can complete you.


So get out there and Live, Learn, Win, Fall, Get up and Enjoy every moment of this beautiful and super precious gift called LIFE. 🙏💓🤘


Conquer your mountain!