Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

I was shocked on my trip to Europe to find out I was, for last few months, starved for a physical interaction with my loved ones.


Moving all the way to Australia and then moving from my home, Perth, to a new city, getting married, and being so busy with my new life and not having(taking) time to make new friends – the saddest thing was – I had No Clue how lonely I actually felt inside all this time without my friends until I saw them.


Until our Real hugs.


Until our hours long face to face chats in our mother tongue, banter and laughs over coffee, tea and our beautiful Yugoslavian dishes.


Until our walks in the cities which feel home to me.



Until my soul was filled with so much love and gratitude for an amazing family I have.


My lessons?


Skype and other online apps are great tools to keep in touch but no amount of virtual hugs and emojis can ever beat a real thing.


It is important to keep in touch with family and friends And it is crucial to see them as often as we possibly can.


Although a husband is family and a best friend, he can never ( nor should ever ) replace our friends and family.


Our precious friendships are our true soul medicine and they need to be nurtured and cherished Live as often as possible.


Conquer your mountain!