In one of my sessions today I had a single mum who thought having her 9 years old son next to her in the session is OK as ‘they don’t have any secrets’ and she ‘as a conscious parent shares everything with him’.


I tried explaining how ‘sharing everything with children’ might not be a good idea but this mother wasn’t ready to see that today, and I was met with the wall of defensiveness “ I am a great mother and my child is so happy and joyous, everyone says that.”


Needles to say, I did not conduct the session as I didn’t feel it would be appropriate and safe nor for the child nor for the parent.


When a parent thinks that having their children present during parent’s emotional trauma recovery session is OK, this is very alarming.


“What makes this abuse so confusing, is that it feels good to the victim and looks wonderful to outsiders.


To our jaded society where shattered families are almost the norm, an enmeshed family appears ideal.


Enmeshed emotional incest can be very happy. It can feel like love.
“Daddy loves me so much” or
“I’m Mom’s special boy.”


This goes on for years with neither of the happy participants any the wiser…until decades down the line it bites ’em the ass, as abuse is so apt to do.” ( ~ Lenora Thompson