Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Today I felt stuck with my ‘high expectations’.


I do understand how at times it can be easier to have lower expectations but I can’t seem to lower mine.


Lowering my standards for me means being unhappy, miserable, stuck and dead inside.


It means faking it.


Pretending I don’t need and want xyz….


Ignoring my need only makes me more disappointed, hurt, frustrated and angry. Not just that my need isn’t being met but I am pushed to let it go or pretend it doesn’t exist.



Are we creating a fake happy world where our needs should be ignored, denied and suppressed?


As long as we don’t hurt anyone, our values and needs can never be wrong.


Telling someone they have ‘high expectations’ is telling them their values and needs are wrong, and they have to be changed and lowered.


Without people who have ‘high expectations’ our world wouldn’t look as it looks today.


There would be no accomplishments, advancements or innovations.


Human race wouldn’t and couldn’t evolve without people who have ‘high expectations’. Those ‘dreamers’ everyone laughed at.


Let us stop judge, criticise, blame and shame one another for having ‘high expectations’.


Let us instead see how we can raise our own standards.


How we can better ourselves and the world around us.


As the world right now needs us, more than ever before, to raise the bar and aim high for that beauty, greatness, vulnerability, growth, creativity, love and consciousness.


Conquer your mountain!