Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

I got goose bumps….

I cried.

I sang my heart out.

I felt fucking angry!

I smiled.

I felt weak.

I felt ON The TOP of The WORLD…!!!!

I jumped and I danced with this song on repeeeeaaaat….

I felt Ren.

I felt for Ren.

I felt for human beings.

This awesome, super powerful, beautifully, raw, vulnerable, authentic and incredibly talented young artist has moved me profoundly. 

This song is ALL of us.

As with all of our pain and suffering, we are human beings and Art is our therapy and Therapy is our art.


“ I’ve spent half my life ill

But just as sure as night has dawn

Just as sure as rain fall soon runs dry when you stand in the eye of the storm 

I realised that there were no real winners or no real losers in physiological warfare

But there were victims and there were students

It was never a battle for me to win, it was an eternal dance,

and like a dance, the more rigid I became the harder it got 

And so I got older and I learned to relax, and I learned to soften ans that dance got easier

It is this eternal waltz that separates human beings from angels, from demons, from gods

And I must not forget, we must not forget, that we are human beings.”