Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner


A serious human disease – An Obsession with our Possessions 😛


When two years ago I decided to sell and get rid of Everything in a comfortable vila in Dubai where I lived for 11 years, the main question I got asked was:


“But – won’t you miss Your Stuff?!?!?”


I laughed – with every item sold, I felt more and more – FREE.


Free to move, explore, travel, create, BE.


Free to BREATHE and LIVE fully in the NOW – the way I DESIRE.


I felt chocked with all the STUFF I accumulated over the years ( sadly I haven’t even realised that until the day I decided to leave ).


All my life possessions ( a couple of boxes ) are currently stored and I am living out of one suitcase ( I use only 2/3 of it  ) whilst traveling around the world.


Skyping with one of my best friends recently from a luxurious villa in Israel I heard myself saying:


“And you know what’s THE BEST thing about all these?


NONE of it is mine!!! Mine is only a full, total, pure pleasure and freedom to – ENJOY it all!!!”


It took me many years to be where I am right now, years of working hard, trying to have more, proving I HAVE more…


Getting totally exhausted in that process – I gave up.


And the moment I stopped – I started – LIVING!


Try it out for yourselves…

I am not a super human, just a human who is sharing her experience and hopefully motivating you to – Set Yourself FREE…  


Conquer your mountain! 😉