Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Exactly two years ago today I was violently sick. I have spent Christmas and New Year at home in my bed, feeling sorry for myself.

That was also a period of my life when I suffered with so much anxiety connected to my upcoming life transformation.

Of course, at the time, I wasn’t even mildly aware how huge will that change actually be.

And how super AWESOME and AMAZING my life will turn after all the struggle…….!

So many sleepless nights I spent worrying and fearing the future, desperately trying to get answers on how, where and what now……


My internal voice for CHANGE was screaming out. And it simply became too loud for me to keep ignoring it… I wasn’t happy with my life in the place I spent over a decade. I wanted and needed to leave it all NOW. Leave my job and leave Dubai. Leave everybody and everything I knew and GO into unknown.

I had no clear idea where I am going to go and what I am going to do. All I knew was that I am fed up and exhausted with being stuck in the place and job which were no longer serving my life purpose.

Deep inside, my soul was ready for a total, absolute, fundamental – CHANGE.


I needed to feel I am growing and learning in areas of life I was passionate about.


I needed to feel FREE again.


I needed to feel JOYOUS again.


I needed to feel CREATIVE again.


I needed to feel PASSIONATE again.


I needed to feel ALIVE again.


I needed to feel – MYSELF – again.


So a few months later I have finally managed to pick up the courage and take a total crazy leap of faith…! 🙂

I have sold and given away most of my life possessions and on 10th of April 2016 – I was on the plane to Spain.

2016 has been one the toughest years of my life.

I have spent most of the year totally out of my comfort zone and getting emotionally, mentally and physically drained.

That year was a real emotional bomb for me, a year of owning and facing my deepest shadows and dealing with tons of fear, shame, grief, sorrow and anger.

2017 started with me crying for hours in my Belgrade home on New Year’s Eve.


Even after I finally wiped all my tears, got dolled up and danced a year away, it took me most of 2017 to cope and grieve the end of my relationship and to heal my broken heart.


2017 for me was a year of super tough LETTING GO lessons.


A year of letting go of my RESISTANCE to what is.

A year of learning to ACCEPT what ever is.

A year of overcoming tons of FEAR inside of me.

A year of a deep, hard core HEALING of my past wounds.

A year of practicing trusting the free FLOW of the Universe.

A year of learning to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.

A year of practicing FORGIVENESS.

A year of completely and utterly falling in love with the SOFTNESS and an OPEN HEART.

A year of a beautiful practice to trust my own INTUITION.

A year of AUTHENTIC self empowerment.

A year of CELEBRATING my own personal strength and power.

A year of celebrating my own COURAGE.

A year of celebrating all my amazing ACHIEVEMENTS.

A year of FEELING super abundant, blessed, supported and loved.

A year of physical, mental and emotional ADVENTURES.

A year of meeting many NEW beautiful souls.

A year of strengthening, deepening and appreciating “old” relationships with my beautiful SOUL FAMILY around the world.

A year of deep emotional reconnection with MY ROOTS and a beautiful old, crazy Balkan soul 🙂

A year of travelling to 13 countries around the world, with Australia being 45th country I have been to so far.


A year which I am SUPER GRATEFUL to have lived, enjoyed and shared with all of you! 🙂 <3



In 2017.I wanted to feel Soft, Kind, Gentle, Nurturing, Supportive, Genuine, Loving and Accepting.


I would like to continue my journey through 2018 with the same core desired feelings and add to it Passion, Laughter and Joy 🙂



What are YOUR core desired feelings and soulful intentions for 2018?



Wishing you all AN AWESOME New Year and sending you loads of warmth, love, peace, healing and blessings from sunny Australia!


Remember to conquer your mountain and make 2018 your best year yet! 🙂