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Trust Your Heart

This post is for all my UAE friends who feel stuck in golden prison there and are afraid to leave – to hopefully give them strength, power and encouragement – to follow their HEART.

Don’t get me wrong when I say ‘golden prison’ as I’ve lived in Dubai for almost 11 years and first hated it, then LOVED it and then had enough of it.

I still LOVE that country and its people and I am so grateful for everyone I’ve met there, experiences I’ve gained and shared and all sorts of beautiful gifts and blessings I’ve received there…
I will never ever forget it or be taking it for granted.. I feel forever connected to the land and the people, desert, sea and the mountains – UAE and Middle East feels to me now like some ex partner who I will always love dearly and be there for, as true best friend..

For me it is super important to be true and authentic to myself – AND I was lying to myself there for almost last two years before I left..
I was afraid of change.. I was afraid as I had NO plan, no job offers somewhere else, no money security for the future..
I was afraid of what would happen if I leave and run out of my savings before I find a new source of income somewhere else…

I also wasn’t sure where I am suppose to go and chase my dream which I wasn’t even aware of at the time.
I only KNEW, I FELT unhappy and unsatisfied, I knew in my heart I am pretending I am fulfilled there, I am lying to myself and the others…

How did I know that?

If I would have put hand on my heart and look in the mirror, I knew only fear of money was in a way of me leaving that place, for last year or even two…

I felt almost like a prostitute, in its full meaning of that word – I started losing trust and respect for myself almost to the point of disgust at the times…

So I’ve managed – with a little bit of anger at myself ( as always ) for allowing this to happen – to kick the fear, panic and helplessness out, and to pack my things.. I’ve left the place where I was rooted for over a decade…

It wasn’t easy, at all…. My life was a real ROLLERCOASTER for last six months and I still would never ever want it to be different now…

I am SO grateful I once again in my life broke free and stayed authentic to myself as I’m now again happy, satisfied, fulfilled in place where I live and work ( which of course has sea and the mountains and it is green and BEAUTIFUL!:-) ), money and work is coming in Abundance, more than I could have ever imagined!!

I do for work now what I truly believe in and I’m meeting and connecting with the most beautiful souls here..

I feel like a bird who had a broken wing for a while and is flying and chirping again 🙂

What my learning is, what the point of MY essay here is:

D.O.N.T   W.A.I.T  to have it all figured out. 

Trust your intuition and let the Universe handle HOW.

You only focus on WHAT.

And even if you don’t know WHAT yet, feel WHAT NOT – FEEL what you don’t want and can’t stand in your life anymore and let the change occur…. Universe will support you fully..



Love and think of you all…

Conquer your mountain! 🙂

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