Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Reading a blog post this morning about how following your joy doesn’t always work, inspired me to write my own one – how it DOES work.
Love when I get fired up! Or shall I say – Joyous?!
Following Your Joy ALWAYS Works.
Just that too often we get caught up in our minds and our unhealed wounds and forget that our joy is always there.
And it is waiting for us to come back to it.
WHERE is your Joy?
In your Heart.
In your Soul.
In your Body.
You most likely won’t find it while Thinking. Joy is a super rare visitor of your mind. It is more of a mind’s special occasion guest.
But not to blame or shame our mind, it is just preoccupied with all the fears and Many other negative emotions – which I don’t want to go into now, not to spoil my Joy blog post here… 😀
HOW to Find your joy?
FEEL your body, feel your heart and your soul when you are answering the question: ‘Where is my joy?’
HOW does the joy Feel?
WHAT if you Can’t Find ( Feel ) those feelings?
The best tool, by far, for getting in touch with my own inner joy was Inner Child Work.
If you don’t have money for that kind of work – spend time with babies, kids, animals, read children books, find your own writings, drawings or other creations you made as a child, sing, dance, run, swim, play, create, make art, laugh, write or talk to a friend about things you used to feel joyous about as a kid.
We All KNOW our True Joy.
So we can detect when the answer about it comes from the mind and when it comes from our heart.
How can we be Sure?
Well, it FEELS TOTALLY DIFFERENT in our – Body – when we are Truly Joyous about something.
And it is just that many of us need regular reminders, guidance, help and healing with coming back to our own Joy.
PLEASE always remember that your body, your heart and your soul Never Ever forgot The Joy.
Because You – ARE – Joy! 🙂
Have a beautiful rest of your weekend everyone and don’t you ever give up on following your joy!🌼💗

Conquer your mountain!