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Make A Use Of Your Physical Body

It’s getting cold, windy and rainy in our wintery Southern Hemisphere so this morning I opted to work out at home with my good old buddy TRX💪



Back in the day, for me as a young personal trainer, my focus was purely on the physical body.


Until I got sick and tired of my own, and vanity&obsession of fitness industry I was serving.


It was time for something else.


I was craving to dig deep into my own emotional world and I felt ready to connect to my fellow humans on that level too.


Very soon, in my work with emotional trauma, I realised most of my clients would benefit so much just from a simple, regular physical exercise.


When did you last time take a walk outside, jog, run, hike, cycle, swim, dance, play tennis, squash, football, do a squat, a push-up, yoga etc.?


What prevents you of doing that?


Is it time, money, or a bad weather? 😜


You are living life in physical body, sooooo – use it.


Find exercises you enjoy, events and communities if you prefer social activities.


Make a daily&weekly&monthly exercise plan and stick to it.


Remember it’s for For You and Your Health and no one else can do it for you.


Conquer your mountain!

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