Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner





How many times have you said this, or heard others repeating?


Yes, I know.
I know.
I know…


I have said it too many times before myself, and too often – when I had no clue. I was also at time convinced ‘I know’.


Truly knowing something shows in our practice, not so much the words.


Do we need to show particular skills in our job, at our school, college, university, courses and trainings we are undertaking – or saying ‘I know’ will do?


Do we know how to cook after reading through a cook book or after watching a cooking show?


Do we lose weight by reading the weight loss book?


Do we know how to drive a car by watching others drive?


Do we know how to play tennis by following tennis tournaments?


What are the unhealthy patterns you are still stuck with, even though you – ‘know’?


What is that you currently still struggle with, even though you – ‘know’?


What is that you still aren’t, even though you – ‘know’?


What is that you still don’t do, even though you – ‘know’?


What is that you still don’t have, even though you – ‘know’?


Let us remember that, in our physical dimension, Action is a huge part of the knowing.
And although is often the second step, it’s nevertheless still a step we eventually have to take.


So let us stop saying “I know” and instead – let us SHOW our knowing more.


Let us slow down our smart thinking mind.


Let us feel and demonstrate the knowing of our soul more.


Let us drop down to our knees admitting we don’t know yet and allow the Universe to show us the way.


Let us drop down out of our brain and feel our way back into our heart.


Let us conquer our mountain 🏔