Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

After too many weeks on my sabbatical journey around the world, my little soul is finally at home catching up on some well needed rest. It’s time for some writing and sharing… 🙂

In between eating paellas, attending some vigorous language trainings, traveling around rainy, cold, miserable Spain and sipping green tea whilst admiring gorgeous cherry blossom in sunny Japan, I have also managed to fulfill my last year’s dream – to become Teal Swan’s Completion Process certified facilitator and help people in healing their emotional traumas.Puzzle2I was trained and certified in the gorgeously perfect countryside, just outside of Berlin, by none of the less than beautiful Teal herself. She is known for selecting her practitioners very carefully – there were only 25 of us chosen from over 400 applicants! Puzzle3

The training was super intense – on ALL the levels, full of deep learning and healing. This was so far the most beneficial workshop I have ever done – for Myself and The World!

So far there are only 60 Completion Process Practitioners worldwide, and as the only facilitator in the Middle East and the Balkans, my mission now is to ( predominantly ) focus on healing beautiful people in those two regions.

Before taking a sabbatical I felt my spiritual work in Dubai is a total joke as I’ve heard too many times  “no one comes to this place to get spiritual”.

Now I feel it’s exactly what people in this region desperately seek – for many it’s still buried deep in unconscious but the awareness about it is coming, through deep emptiness, meaninglessness and loneliness people are haunted by.

Each and every of us, Completion Process practitioners, has a super unique talent – in Teal’s words I am a specialist for “breaking free, altering paradigms and getting people out of restriction & imprisonment.”

And there was really no time waste for this super powerful talent in me to reach its fruition – less than 24 hours after landing in UAE – my first paid client of Completion Process was a member of a royal family.  I’ve NEVER believed in coincidences. ? Process went amazingly well and my hands got pretty full since..


I absolutely adore this work I am now lucky to be doing, and it all makes sense to me now – the emptiness I felt for a long time before I got this strong urge to go on a sabbatical, to find ME and my PURPOSE... It wasn’t just a middle life crisis after all.. ?

For those of you who are not familiar with her teaching yet – Teal Swan is world famous author and revolutionary spiritual teacher of the Newest Age.

Maybe this video describes her work the best:

To me Teal is the best in teaching us to accept shadow aspects of ourselves, accept our “ negative” emotions and to heal our trauma. Her Completion Process is super complete, precise, thorough, step by step process in healing those wounds from the past which stop us from LIVING.

Who is Completion Process for?

For Anyone – all of us had past hurts, to some degree, in our lives.

What most people are unaware of is that those past hurts are the ones affecting our current life.

Even our “small” issues – like addictions of all sorts ( many ‘fit &healthy’ sports fanatics are in total denial of their addictions! ), weight issues, painful relationships, ‘mood swings’, low self-esteem, lack of connection or purpose in life are equally connected to a previous unresolved experience which has its origin in childhood trauma – just the same as mental illness, depression, chronic pain, PTSD, etc, etc…

What does Completion Process do?

It helps with the understanding and healing the original wound so it doesn’t hurt us anymore.

It is NOT about not having negative emotions, it’s that those emotions aren’t as charged up. They aren’t our triggers anymore, making our lives miserable.


Completion Process doesn’t MAKE us complete, it just reminds us WE were and always ARE COMPLETE ?

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Conquer Your Mountain! 🙂