Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

If you are struggling with DEPRESSION, feelings of DESPAIR to the point of considering SUICIDE or you are struggling to resolve ANY other painful emotional cycle, this is a MUST WATCH:

Topic I have been thinking, feeling and talking about this week A LOT. About our lack of understanding and acceptance of our human pain. And about lack of true, open connection, love and vulnerability between each others.

Due to social conditioning, men are often more emotionally vulnerable than women.

Be man=Be strong!

Boys don’t cry!

So men are even more forced to suppress their feelings and to suffer in silence.

“If we’re adjusting to a poorly-adjusted society, then what are we truly adjusting to?”

“Accept you have a problem, believe it IS possible to resolve it and – ASK for help.”

There is MANY of us successfully helping people like you on daily basis. Please remember you are not alone. You are NOT THE ONLY ONE experiencing depression!

So you don’t NEED to suffer in silence.

And there is a SOLUTION for every problem.


Peace and love to everyone <3

Conquer your mountain!