Leaving 2022 ( and some years before… )

“Last year, when I first met you, you only just arrived from Australia, you were single and lived in rented apartment. A year later, you live in your dream house in the nature and you are with a beautiful partner and gorgeous little stepdaughter,” said a friend of mine the other day. It took a […]

‘I Can’t Remember My Childhood’

  For everyone who is experiencing pain in their everyday life and cannot remember their childhood – please know you Don’t need to Consciously Remember anything in order to HEAL and feel better. Most of us with a complex childhood trauma don’t actually consciously remember much from our childhood. Actually all people have memories from their […]

What Is Complex Trauma And Why It Can’t Be Resolved In One Session

A few years ago, I introduced a type of trauma healing modality known as the Completion process to a client of mine. She was convinced beyond doubt that this was the ideal treatment for her. After all, this treatment was perfect for healing childhood trauma and had the capability to transform her life for good. And […]

Depression: You Are NOT Alone

If you are struggling with DEPRESSION, feelings of DESPAIR to the point of considering SUICIDE or you are struggling to resolve ANY other painful emotional cycle, this is a MUST WATCH: Topic I have been thinking, feeling and talking about this week A LOT. About our lack of understanding and acceptance of our human pain. And about lack of […]