Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

I might have ‘mentioned’ this already but after my last session with the client, I feel a need to say it again:

Healing yourself – when you are in the middle of the War Zone – DOES NOT WORK!

So instead of battling ( with your – PARTNER who doesn’t love you / doesn’t show love in the way you are able to feel it / who is emotionally unavailable / passive aggressive / verbally or physically abusive / isn’t committed to your marriage & relationship etc., PARENTS with similar traits, your BOSS & WORK COLLEAGUES or even your ‘FRIENDS’) and getting frustrated why after years of healing you still “don’t feel any better” – maybe try and get out of the war zone first?

Remember – it might feel super hard on a short-term but trust me – in a long run leaving your current situation might just be The Best Decision You have Ever Made.

You could just save yourself thousands of dollars and years spent in therapy and finally FEEL at peace – maybe even HAPPY 😉

Conquer your mountain!