Angelica Horvatic

Worldwide Trauma Recovery Practitioner

The world is currently following daily live entertainment from the US court between two very traumatised adult-child celebrities who clearly still very much suffer from deep unhealed childhood trauma.

It’s sad to be reminded that we live in the world where these celebrities are at the top of our broken society. 

They are our heroes, object of our admiration and aspiration. 

They unfortunately still represent our current social and moral values.

What’s saddens me is that millions of people around the world following this terribly disturbing public trial are equally still very much trapped in their own trauma hell. 

This court case powerfully, on the big screen, shows very broken state of our deeply wounded and unconscious world we live in.

I pray we humans find our way out.

I pray we become conscious and aware of our unresolved pain so we can start healing it, together with our partners.

I pray our values become peace, love, connection and oneness.

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