FORGIVENESS is not a concept.

It’s a process.

And, if you choose not to forgive at the end of that process, it doesn’t mean that you are unhealed.

It doesn’t mean that you are a lesser human.

It doesn’t mean you are not spiritual or evolved.

It doesn’t mean you will come back in the next lifetime to live it out again.

It may just mean that forgiveness is not actually in your integrity.

The assumption that forgiving the abuser is the benchmark of a completed emotional and karmic process is the mistake.

The real benchmark of resolution is whether you have gone through your emotional process AUTHENTICALLY and have arrived at a place where the negative charge around the experience has dissipated.

Perhaps you will learn some lessons, or perhaps you will eventually be legitimately liberated from the memories.

Perhaps you will work it through so completely that you have very little energetic charge around the events.

Or perhaps you will actually realize that forgiveness is not essential to your healing, and not your responsibility.

The point is that focusing on our responsibility to forgive a wrongdoer sidetracks the whole process.

Your sole responsibility is to arrive at whatever destination is true to YOU.

~Jeff Brown