Get Out Of the War Zone First

I might have ‘mentioned’ this already but after my last session with the client, I feel a need to say it again: Healing yourself – when you are in the middle of the War Zone – DOES NOT WORK! So instead of battling ( with your – PARTNER who doesn’t love you / doesn’t show […]

You are NOT “Crazy”

I’m SO glad to see more and more people seeking help with their “mental health”. The bullies ( those “without a problem” ) are NOT so cool anymore as we’re all getting to learn – they are The Real Crazies…  I would like to invite you all – celebrate your ‘sensitivities’, celebrate ALL your feelings […]

GoodBye 2016 – and THANK YOU!

2016. has, by far, been the most Interesting Year for me in last 18 years. A year of beautiful big highs and deep dark lows, with loads of severe thunderstorms and lightning followed by a swirly blue skies and fluffy white clouds… 🙂 Most of the year felt like being on a constant emotional roller […]

Life is a One Big Sabbatical

After 2.5 months of feeling right at home on Pashman, tomorrow morning I will be waving goodbye to this gorgeous island, all the glorious nature and its beautiful people… Don’t think I’ll get too depressed as next on my list is island Krk: LIFE IS INDEED A ONE BIG SABBATICAL – WHEN YOU WAKE UP. […]

Is The Silence a Relationship Killer?

While SILENCE can be golden, it is also – a Real Relationship KILLER. Very often silence leads to misunderstandings, resentment, despair, depression… Verbal communication is EXTREMELY important in our daily connection and interaction with the others. With the words we can gain so much clarity, understanding, forgiveness… We can emotionally connect one to another, we […]